Emily Sanone 

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My name is Emily Sanone, I am a certified RRCA (Road Runners Club of America) running coach and I am looking forward to helping you achieve your running goals! I have many years of running experience and I am passionate about running and all that it does for the body and mind. I enjoy running on both road and trails, alone and with friends. I started running as a child, I can still remember my first 5k at age 10 around Liberty Park. Running was always something that my parents enjoyed and they made it a part of what our family did. At age 22 I ran my first full marathon and experienced something I had never felt before. I was overwhelmed and so proud of what I was capable of pushing my body to do. As an adult, running and training for races has been something that keeps me challenged and gives me clarity. I love how running makes me feel. I love that I get butterflies before every race. I have learned over the years and thousands of miles on my feet what it takes to dig deep, become faster and accomplish running goals that never seemed possible.

Through experience and training, I have learned how to formulate training plans for all different events from couch to 5ks up to full marathons. No matter what the distance, it is important to have a plan, increase mileage gradually, and build strength and speed throughout the process. I enjoy customizing unique running plans for runners of all levels, I look forward to running with you!



28 full marathons completed

1st marathon time: 4 hours 17 min. (9:48 pace)

Fastest marathon time: 3 hours 16 min. (7:29 pace)

Fastest half marathon time: 1 hour 26 min. (6:38 pace)

Favorite Marathon courses:

  • St George
  • Ogden
  • Top of Utah
  • Utah Valley
  • Salt Lake
  • Big Cottonwood
  • New York
  • Boston

Favorite Half marathon courses:

  • Porter
  • Provo
  • Hobble Creek
  • Salt Lake
  • Big Cottonwood
  • Sun Valley
  • Drop 13

Certified Road Runners Club of America Running Coach

Certified in American Red Cross First Aid, CPR and AED

Thank you Wasatch Running Center for your partership with Mile at a Time Running